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Unparalleled animal knowledge, empowering better choices

Imagine a world where technology allows animals to “speak to all of us,” to let us know that they are doing well, ready for care, or when they need attention.

DATALIVE™, a digital platform from MSD Animal Health, empowers our customers to easily access actionable insights that advance animal health, wellbeing and performance, and increase client satisfaction, efficiency and productivity.

Making connections at unprecedented scale

Empowering professional agricultural advisors and many other industries to optimize animal and business performance and together create a better future.

Making connections empowering better choices

Healthy swine

Working in partnership

Connecting data across our unique infrastructure and applying our expertise to bring true knowledge and build partnerships which empowers collaboration for the future of our industry.

Cows field data intelligence

Fostering sustainable practices

Using data-driven insights to create efficiencies and enhance sustainability in the face of challenges that are wider, more complex and evolving faster than ever.

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Empowering a better future for all

Shaping the future of animal health for a world with a safe, sustainable food supply in our environment and protection for humans against diseases passed from animals.

True animal knowledge empowering more sustainable choices