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DNA TraceBack

Empowering leading food organisations to turn trust into a competitive advantage

Transparency is the currency of food trust. Driven by increased animal welfare concerns, today’s consumers demand provenance, integrity, quality and sustainability assurances.

Enabled by nature’s barcode, the DNA TraceBack® platform delivers transparent food knowledge to the food industry, empowering a truly informed supply chain which delivers consistency and engages confidence in high-quality products. It’s in our DNA.

Shaping the future of food trust

Combining nature’s barcode, DNA, and data analytics, to build loyalty, differentiation and trust.

Empowering better choices for our partners

Trust pays off

Increasing sales and shopper satisfaction for a leading British retailer.

Flawless transparency

Delivering trust across the value chain for a country’s meat supply.

Differentiated quality

Ensuring food service consumers are getting the premium standard Black Angus ground beef they paid for.

Taste tenderness

Delivering the assurance of a tender experience in every steak

True knowledge advantage

Innovative Differentiation

Market food products with greater confidence and openly share the story of their provenance, breed, supply chain integrity and eating quality.


Fully traceable provenance

Deliver consumer confidence for cooked, cured or further processed protein products through the entire supply chain.

Verified welfare standards

Verify approved breed lines and key product attributes at the scale you require.

Sustainably sourced

Verify the exact farm of origin of protein products with unprecedented accuracy, even when processed or cooked.

True food knowledge empowering food brands tell their stories with confidence